ArSys - North Finding System


Hybrid INS/HPLS Attitude & Heading Systems

The ArSys provides heading & Attitude information for Dynamic Systems.

Based on Dual-Antenna GPS technology.

Main Features:

  • Heading Accuracy of 0.1° for 1 meter antenna-separation

  • Attitude Accuracy (Roll/Pitch) of 0.3°

  • Hi Precision GNSS of < 0.5 meter   (1-σ)

  • Update Rate of up to 100 Hz

  • Full Mil-Spec compliance


Armored Vehicles

Advanced fusion algorithm which combines GNSS with the INS along with an ultra-rugged design, makes the ArSys an attractive solution for armored-vehicle applications, such as self-positioning, launchers, attitude and many more.



The Arsys provides highly accurate Roll/Pitch/Yaw angles along with filtered position data. when it encounters a GNSS - denied environment , the Arsys can accept a range of external sensors - such as the Odometer, AirData and more.

Antenna sunset

Radar Systems

RADAR systems require accurate attitude angles (Roll/Pitch/Yaw) to be taken while withstanding harsh weather conditions, at continuously moving systems. The Arsys system can provide these needs with highly precise heading system, to below 1 mRad when required.


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