Navigation Systems & applications Seminar – 2024

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arazim Ltd. is proud to exhibit in the Navigation Systems and Applications Seminar – 2024

The Israel Navigation Systems and Applications Workshop and Exhibition is a biennial event, organized and sponsored by the Israel Association for Automatic Control (IAAC) to serve the wide audience of people in Israel interested in the navigation science and art. The one-day workshop is dedicated to technical talks that range from fundamental research, to applications, to field test results. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to bring together in one location the different industries and representatives offering navigation related hardware

During the workshop, we will hear talks on some of the hottest topics in navigation, including visual based navigation, GPS/GNSS receivers, and on new advances in sensor fabrication. Overall, the workshop offers a balanced and heterogeneous program with a nice mix of academic and industry speakers bringing us both theoretical and down-to-earth updates.

In the event we will include exhibit our latest products and navigation systems.

The exhibition will be held at the “Daniel” Hotel Herzliya, July 8, 2024

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See You There!